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City Mayor Democrito "Boy Daku" Plaza II with wife former Mayor Daisy Plaza posed with members of the media after the Mayor’s Forum. (L-R) Dodong Polizon (DXJM), Cecil Ybañez (DXJM), Bert Eruela (DXJM), Boy Inot (People’s Guardian), Nestor Fuentes (Former Manager - DXJM), Japhet Floria (Monitor Today), Louie Oranda (Caraga Freelancer), Junjie Esconia (DXJM), Nick Dingding (DXJM), Lando Apit (DXJM), Edwin Bayer (Bombo Radyo), Joel Portugal (Caraga Freelancer, Larry Diez (DXGL-FM). (Photo by Ernie Ofianga, News Courier)

Police Regional Director Jaime Milla pinned
the Medalya ng Kadakilaan
to BCPO Director Supt. Joseph Plaza

Police Director awarded medals for Heroism

Butuan – Rows of policemen from Butuan City Police Office (BCPO) stood at attention as OIC City Police Director Joseph Plaza and 24 of his men and women were recognized for a job well done for the rescue mission on July 6 of Indian National, Kuljit Singh from his captors at Purok 2 Panlaitan, Barangay La Union, Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte.
Police Regional Director Jaime Milla personally conferred the Medalya ng Kadakilaan award to Director Plaza, Police Chief Inspector Manuel Jimenez, Police Senior Inspector Ronaldo Plaza, Police Senior Inspector Rowena Martinez and PO3 Eugene Capablanca on Monday during the awarding ceremony at the BCPO grounds.
Another award on Medalya ng Kasanayan was also awarded to Police Inspector Remedios Terte, SPO4 Demetrio Castolo Jr., SPO4 Emilio Andales, SPO3 Mario Lavadia, SPO2 William Hangad, SPO1 Benjie Albert Peteros, SPO1 Richard Gorme, PO3 Allan Joville, PO3 Edencio Belar III, PO3 Noel Cres Buque, PO3 Joie Michael Reyes, PO3 Bernardo Abian, PO3 Jelio Mendoza, PO3 Jonathan Basil, PO2 Gary Morgadez, PO2 Virgilio Loquite, PO1 Ralf Buna, PO1 Harvey Forsuelo, PO1 Jepone Gido and PO1 Jeziereil Sabaricos.
“Your higher-ups will always recognize good jobs; it needs recognition, congratulatory activity and a tap on the shoulder. Ang galing mo Boy, keep it up, continue with your work,” said Police Regional Director Jaime Milla in his speech.
However, Milla reminded everyone that the PNP organization will not tolerate any wrong doings or cases of involvement in illegal activities and cited the most recent incident of two CIDG-Surigao police tagged in kidnapping case where they are now facing sanctions and are feared of facing dismissal if proven guilty by the court.
He also ordered the members of the Butuan City Police to intensify campaign against criminalities especially on the petty and street crimes.
Meanwhile, City Police Director Joseph Plaza said he is confident in the campaign saying “It is an honor and a pleasure for me to work with this fine team.”
The awarding ceremony offers an opportunity to congratulate policemen, their hard work, courage and dedication, that they are being recognized for their exemplary performance in the line of duty. (Jocelyn E. Morano)
DENR to stop issuing tree cutting permit
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will no longer issue tree cutting permit nationwide in an effort to protect and preserve the remaining vegetative cover of the country, while facilitating the issuance of environmental permits.
DENR Secretary Lito Atienza made the announcement during the multisectoral consultation on streamlining the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) system procedures held recently at the DENR Social Hall in Quezon City, saying that proponents will no longer be required to secure tree cutting permits so as not to delay the issuance of their environmental permits. But, instead, said Atienza, they will be issued tree balling permit to enable them to transplant the trees in other areas.
“We are making it clear that we will not allow any cutting down of trees to give way to any development project anywhere in the country, even those covered by environmental compliance certificates (ECCs), mining permits or any other construction and development permits for that matter,” Atienza said.
“From now on,” explained Atienza, “project developers and proponents must design their projects in accordance with the position of the trees in the area.” However, should clearing the area could not be avoided, Atienza said that the affected trees shall be transferred to other areas through tree-balling.
In the consultation meeting, Atienza proposed a reduction in the number of days allotted for the processing of ECC and certificate of non-coverage (CNC) by removing the unnecessary requirements and restrictive rules that block the flow of investment into the country.
At the same time, he also announced the strengthening of the Department’s capability in monitoring environmental compliance of projects by securing the active participation of NGOs, people’s organizations and other stakeholders in multipartite monitoring teams that will be established for each project.
According to the DENR chief, who is also a staunch supporter of pro-life movement, trees, like human beings, must be preserved and sustained. “For me, the life of a tree is like a life of a human being which must be preserved as long as it can be preserved and sustained. To cut down a tree is similar to executing a human being.”
Atienza stressed that the move not to issue tree cutting permit is aimed not only to preserve every single tree in the country but also to facilitate the issuance of environmental permits to attract more local and foreign investments.
“Part of the proposed streamlined procedures, project proponents will no longer be required to secure tree cutting permits so as not to cause any delay in the issuance of environmental permits,” said Atienza.
During the consultation meeting attended by representatives of industry associations, non-government organizations, academe, media and other stakeholders, Atienza presented the proposed policy reforms that would reduce the processing period for ECC from six months to 20 days to one month, and the CNC from three weeks to one day.
Atienza was quick to add, however, that the simplification of the EIS procedures was meant not only to reduce the processing time; it was also designed to strengthen accountability, improve efficiency, remove opportunities for corruption and to promote transparency for sustainable development.
He likewise stressed that the adoption of the policy reform will not in any way sacrifice environmental protection and care. He said, “President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo fully supports the streamlining of DENR procedures but this should not sacrifice environmental protection and care.” (DENR13RPAO)

BCPO stood firmed, acted within the bounds of law
Butuan City – A rift between the local government of Butuan and Agusan del Norte may soon escalate following an incident at Taguibo area yesterday morning.
On July 20, the office of City Police Director Joseph Plaza received a letter from Agusan del Norte Provincial Police Director Benson Leleng asking for a security assistance for the members of the Multi-Sectoral Team who will be passing at Barangay Anticala in going to the watershed area.
The Team was tasked by the Provincial Peace & Oder Council to investigate from July 22-24 the alleged illegal mining, illegal logging and illegal road construction being done inside the watershed area part of which is in San Antonio, RTR under the jurisdiction of the provincial government of Agusan del Norte.
Yesterday morning, City Councilor Randolph Plaza, City ENRO Alexander Alaan along with members of the City Mobile Group led by City Police Director Joseph Plaza blocked the Team at Barangay Taguibo to prevent them from passing the area.
“Butuan City Police Office acted within the scope of our duty, we are just exercising police power within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility,” stressed City Director Plaza on the incident.
It was learned, that Agusan del Norte Multi-Sectoral Team failed to coordinate with the LGU of Butuan, that raised city official’s suspicions as to the motives in going to Anticala instead of concentrating its investigation in San Antonio, RTR.
Meanwhile, City Tourism Council Chairman Daisy B. Plaza last week met with some members of the Committee on Environment of the Sangguniang Panglunsod of Butuan and discussed the possibility of establishing an independent investigative group to tackle the issue. Mrs. Plaza belied reports that the city government has done nothing to resolve the problem at the watershed..
The Sangguniang Panglunsod Committee on Public Utilities and Committee on Environment are set to conduct a joint hearing of the issue of alleged illegal logging/mining within the Taguibo watershed.
BCWD Manager Engr. Anselmo San Tian on the other hand specifically blamed the on-going illegal activities in Anticala, Butuan and San Antonio, RTR in Agusan del Norte as the primary cause of water turbidity forcing the management to shut down the infiltration gallery whenever it rains rendering the whole Butuan waterless. (Jocelyn E. Morano)
Lt Col. Efrain Oropel, Camp Commander

200 ka mga balay sa sulod sa campo sa Army i-demolis

HERNIE BAGASLAO/ Correspondent

Kutob na lamang sa Agosto 31, ning tuig ang pagpapuyo sa mga “illegal settlers” nga gilangkuban sa mga sibilyan, mga sundalo nga aktibo ug retirado na sa serbisyo sulod sa “Military Reservation Area” sa Camp Bancasi sa Philippine Army, sa Brgy. Bancasi, Butuan City.
Kini ang gibutyag ni Lt. Col. Efrain S. Oropel, ang Camp Commander atol sa gipahigayon nga press conference bag-ohay pa lamang didto sa Public Information Agency (PIA 13) .Kauban sa opisyal sila si Major Eduardo T. Abaño, hepe sa Division of Real Estate sa 4ID PA, sa Camp Evangelista, Cagayan de Oro City ug Capt. Aldrich M. Uayan, sa Judge Advocate General Office (JAGO) gikan sa Campo Evangelista.
Sumala pa ni Lt. Col. Oropel nga ang pagdeklara sa 48.6 ektaryas isip “Military Reservation Area” gihimo pa ni kanhi Presidente Manuel L. Quezon niadtong tuig 1936, ubos sa Presidential Decree No. 113.
Sumala pa niya may napirmahan nga “Memorandum of Agreement” tali sa mga settlers kaniadto nga tugutan sila sa pagpuyo sa kondisyon nga ang gamiton nilang mga materyales sa pinuy-an mga ga-an ug nga sayon gub-on sa panahon nga gamiton na ang luna sa mga kasundalohan. Apan sukwahi sa napirmahan, gumikan kay daghan sa mga nagpabarug ug balay migamit na sa permanente nga mga materyales
Basi sa kamando-an sa ilang uluhang buhatan, niadto pa untang bulan sa Enero ang paglimpyo sa maong luna pinaagi sa demolisyon. Apan mihangyo ang mga lumulupyo uban na sa mga opisyal sa Brgy. Bancasi pinangunahan ni Brgy. Capt. Marcelino Gondino pinaagi sa usa ka resolusyon nga lugwayan una sila sa pagpuyo ug sila na ang mang-guba sa ilahang mga estraktura.
Sa katapusan sa Agosto, sumala sa opisyal, gawas lamang kon may kamando-an gikan sa ilang uluhan nga buhatan sa pagpalug-way, ipahamtang na gayud nila ang demolisyon sa nahibiling mga estraktura. Karon pa lamang, gihangyo na ni Oropel nga buluntaryong gub-on sa mga lumulupyo ang ilang mga balay aron dili na sila mahasol pa.


Sa Surigao del Norte
Gob. Barbers miduyog sa
Disaster Month Celebration
Surigao City - Ang kagamhanang probinsyal sa Surigao del Norte miduyog sa nasudnong pagsaulog sa National Disaster Conciousness month. Si Gobernador Robert Ace Barbers uban sa iyang kapikas maoy nanguna sa mga kawaning local sa lalawigan sa gipahigayon nga Tree Planting Activity sayo sa buntag niadtong petsa 24 karon nga bulan. Miduyog usab sa pagpakabana sa kinaiyahan ang mga magbabalaod sa lalawigan sa pagpanguna ni Bise Gobernador Noel Catre uban sa mga hepe sa ngakalain laing departamento sa kagamhanang lokal sa lalawigan.
Sa diskurso nga gipabati ni Gob. Barbers atubangan sa mga katawhan .”Akong gi awhag ang tanang empleyado ug pait na usab ang tibuok katawhang Surigaonon nga atong batunan ang pagpananom sa mga kahoy tungod nakahatag man kini ug dakong tabang sa panahon sa ting-ulan. Gikinahanglan gayud kining mga kahoy sa atong katilingban tungod kay gawas sa isa sa mga tinubdan sa panginabuhi-an, ang mga dagkong kahoy makatabang man aron nga ang katawhan mahilayo sa peligro ug possible nga mga disgrasya sama sa landslides,” nagkanayon si Gov. Ace Barbers.
Nagpasalamat si Gobernador Barbers sa mga kawani sa lalawigan nga misanong sa iya’ng hangyo alang sa pagduyog sa maong kalihukan . Dako ang iyang pagsalig nga ang pagpananum ug kahoy usa sa mga pamaagi nga makatabang ug dako unya sa pagpugong sa kalamidad nga sagad mohamak dala sa masuka anong nga kinaiyahan. Ang maong kalampusan dili mahitabo kung isalig lamang tanan sa gobyerno, gikinahanglan usab ang pagtambayayungay ug ang hiniusang kooperasyon gikan sa tanan. (PGO-Surigao del Norte Media Bureau/ PIA-Surigao del Norte)


Si Louie B. Oranda, Managing Editor sa Caraga Freelancer
uban sa gikaintapan apan pinangga sa katawhan nga lider
sa Brgy. Mount Diwata ( Diwalawal) , Monkayo ,COMVAL
Province nga si Franco Tito. Ang duha mitambong sa bag-
ohay pa lang natapos nga Mindanaoans for Mindanao (M4M)
movement nga gipahigayon didto sa Gynasty Court Hotel,
Cagayan de Oro City


Civilians are always at the lost

The world has been ravaged by violent conflicts that have claimed the lives of millions of civilians displacing millions of people.
In the country, the long-running armed conflicts have adversely affected communities in many parts of the countryside destroying the livelihood that these communities have been used to feed their families.
The arm conflict between the government troops and the communist terrorists have not only resulted to direct hazards from actual combat operation but the indirect effect on the emotional and psychological well being of these civilians.
Many have developed trauma which is manifested in nervousness, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, staring blankly into space, silence, absent-mindedness, recurring nightmares, depression, mood swings, impatience, irritability, withdrawal, drug addiction, and attempted suicide.
Essentially, the country’s economy is getting backward because of unresolved conflicts. Civilians are always at the loss after every arm struggle. They have no other choice than to start from the beginning when they go back to their homes after fleeing for safety.
This has been a long decade problem that the government is trying to resolve—a deep-rooted problem that needs to be addressed. Everyone should be part of this process. It needs a collective effort by the community itself, the military, socio-civic groups, and the Local Government Unit in bringing total development to the countryside. It is not a one-time conflict resolution. But it needs for everyone to support peace-building initiatives that will address the roots of armed conflicts and avoid militarist solutions to the insurgency that only intensify adverse effects on the innocent civilians.



Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 20:20-28.
Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached him with her sons and did him homage, wishing to ask him for something.
He said to her, “What do you wish?” She answered him, “Command that these two sons of mine sit, one at your right and the other at your left, in your kingdom.”
Jesus said in reply, “You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink?” They said to him, “We can.”
He replied, “My cup you will indeed drink, but to sit at my right and at my left (, this) is not mine to give but is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.”
When the ten heard this, they became indignant at the two brothers.
But Jesus summoned them and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and the great ones make their authority over them felt.
But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant;
whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave.
Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


This article was published on a local newspaper in Saudi Arabia called the ARAB NEWS, after It was published it was clipped by an OFW and Emailed it to another OFW then it was passed again and again until it reached to our email. I am sharing this to you with the name of the columnist on it and to give credit on his article.

Two thumbs up.


Muhammad Al-Maghrabi became handicapped and shut down his flower and gifts shop business in Jeddah after his Filipino workers insisted on leaving and returning home. He says: “When they left, I felt as if I lost my arms. I was so sad that I lost my appetite.”
Al-Maghrabi then flew to Manila to look for two other Filipino workers to replace the ones who had left. Previously, he had tried workers of different nationalities but they did not impress him. “There is no comparison between Filipinos and others,” he says, whenever I see the Filipinos working in the Kingdom, I wonder what our life would be without them.
Saudi Arabia has a largest number of Filipino workers –1,019,577—outside the Philippines. In 2006 alone, the Kingdom recruited more than 223,000 workers from the Philippines and their numbers are still increasing. Filipinos not only play an important and effective role I the Kingdom, they also perform different jobs in countries across the world, including working as sailors. They are known for their professionalism and the quality of their work.
Nobody here can think of a life without Filipinos, who make up around 20 percent of the world’s seafarers. There are 1.2 million Filipino sailors.
So if Filipinos decided one day to stop working or go on strike for any reason, who would transport oil, food and heavy equipment across the world? We can only imagine the disaster that would happen.
What makes Filipinos unique is their ability to speak very good English and the technical training they receive in the early stages of their education. There are several specialized training institutes in the Philippines, including those specializing in engineering and road maintenance. This training background makes them highly competent in these vital areas.
When speaking about Philippines, we should not forget Filipino nurses. They are some 23 percent of the world’s total number of nurses. The Philippines is home to over 190 accredited nursing colleges and institutes, from which some 9,000 nurses graduate each year. Many of them work abroad in countries such as US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Singapore.
Cathy Ann, 35-year old Filipino nurse who has been working in the Kingdom for the last five years and before that in Singapore, sid she does not feel homesick abroad because “ I am surrounded with my compatriots everywhere.” Ann thinks that early training allows Filipinos to excel in nursing and other vocations. She started learning this profession at the age of four as her aunt, a nurse, used to take her to the hospital and ask her to watch the work. “She used to kiss me whenever I learned a new thing. At the age of 11, I could do a lot. I began doing things like measuring my grandfather’s blood pressure and giving my mother her insulin injections,” she said.
This type of early education system is lacking in the Kingdom. Many of our children reach the university stage without learning anything except boredom.
The Philippines which you can barely see on the map, is a very effective country thanks to its people. It has the ability to influence the entire world economy.
We should pay respect to the Filipino workers, not only by employing them but also by learning from their valuable experiences.
We should learn and educate our children on how to operate and maintain ships and oil tankers, as well as planning and nursing and how to achieve perfection in our work.
This is a must so that do not become like Muhammad al-Maghrabi who lost his interest and appetite when Filipino workers left his flower shop.
We have to remember that we are very much dependent on the Filipinos around us. We could die in a slow death if they chose to leave us.

Kinsa kining maayong laki nga politiko nga usa usab kono ka illegal miner ,illegal logger ug usa usab ka negosyante ?
Sumala pa sa akong mga alipores kining maong politiko relihiyoso nga pagkatawo. Gani man matud pa gihapon sa akong mga alipores nagtoo sila nga higala kini siya sa obispo kay kanunay man kining tawhana maghisgot sa ngalan sa obispo.
Samang higayon lakas pud kono kini siya sa mayor kay kanunay man pud siya maghisgot sa ngalan sa mayor.
Kining tawhana negosyante pud kono kay sa una aduna kini bansohan sa kilid sa suba sa Agusan nga mogabas pud kono sa mga illegal nga kahoy. Gawas sa bansohan nga negosyo nagkahoy- kahoy pud kini siya , ngani matud sa akong alipores nga usa sa iyang mga deliveries sa kahoy padulong sa Cagayan de Oro City nasakote sa mga otoredad apan nakalusot ra usab kay gamit daw niya ang papel sa nga iyaha sa gamhanan nga tawo sa syudad.
Sa milabay nga bulan usa sa tulo ka sadam trak ni politiko nga kargado sa mga kahoy nga matud pa sa akong mga alipores gikan daw sa watershed area nga pinutol gidakop sa laing politiko . Matud pa sa midakop nga politiko nga napuno na siya sa mga reports nga ang iyang kauban nga politiko nalambigit kanunay sa mga kwestiyonable nga transaksyon. Bongga ! Pero mas abtik ug esmarter pa kining iligalista kay nakalusot pa man gihapon sa maigmaton nga pagbantay ang iyang Sadam trak gikan sa mga mata sa task force.
Niining bag-ohay pa lang milutaw na pud ang iyang pangalan sa mina nga operasyon nga usa sa mga gipasanginlan nga maoy hinungdan sa pagkalubog sa ilimnon nga tubig sa dakbayan. Matud pa sa mga lumad nga nahinabi sa mga tigbalita dili nila masagda ang maong politiko sa mga iligal nga transaksyon kay giingnan daw sila nga "OK NA SI MAYOR ANI. OK NA SI BISHOP ! "
Pero ang pangutana sa katawhan karon nakasayod ba kaha sa mga iligal nga transaksyon ni politiko ang mayor ug ang bishop ? Kon nakasayod man sila mangutana usab ug utro ang katawhan motugot kaha sila nga mag iligal kining maong politico ?
Hangtud kanus-a nga pasagdan nila nga magdala sa ilang pangalan kining maong politiko sa iyaha nga mga transaksyong personal ug iligal ?
Asa naba ang delikadesa niining maong sulugo-on sa goberno pagka itom na ba sa iyang kasing-kasing . Matud pa sa akong mga alipores nga maitandi daw ka itom sa Black Mountain nga iyang gimina.



Ang tinuod lang daghan sa mga nagtuo nga si Congressman Edel Amante dili na gayud modagan pagka Mayor sa Butuan, bisan pa man nga nabasa nila ang akong pagpasabot sa miaging issue!Ang mga tawo mismo sa mga Plaza dili gayud motuo nga si Congressman Edel Amante modagan pagka Mayor sa Syudad! Ang pangutana kung modagan gyud si Edel pagka Mayor? Unsa man ang dapat ninyong depensa? Lig-on pa ba ang grupo sa mga Plaza? Ang mga Plaza makatumbas ba sa kwarta ni Edel Amante ug kwarta ni Engr. Pascual?
Kay Edel Amante ug Serge Pascual mao gayud ang magkuyog sa bugnong lugaynon sa sunod tu-ig? Matud pa sa report sa milabay nga eleksyon, pinakadakong kwarta sa mga Plaza nga gibuhian sa ultima ora sa politika 300 pesos lang pinili pa ang precinto nga gipanghatagan sa tag P300. Sa Agusan del Norte Amante migastos tag P1,000 matag botante ug tag P500 sa pipila lang ka presinto sa barangay, resulta dako kaayog biya ang mga Plaza. Samtang sunod tuig Amante ug Pascual ang kontra Daisy
Plaza ug Joboy Aquino! kompyansa gihapon mo mga political adviser sa mga Plaza?
Wala dinhi mahisgoti ang dark horse ni Edel Amante ug Serge Pascual nga si Dongkoy, kay si Dongkoy mas daghan ug bahandi kompara ni Edel Amante ug ni Serge Pascual! Mas dako akong ikahatag sa mga tawo nga bahandi kada adlaw pa! Tubag ni Dongkoy! Unsa man diay panghatag nimo Koy? Numero swertres! Ha! Ha! Ha! Seguro lang gyud Koy nga modaug ka kay kontra nimo daghang kwarta? Kining akong numero sa swertres gihagoan, gibilaran. Kwarta sa akong kontra tinigbasan!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Mga daugan: Si Junjie Esconia- Caraga Freelancer, Bureau Manager-
Butuan ug DXJM Radio Broadcaster kauban ni Jonjon Roble
usa ka negosyante, tapad niya (nakakalo) Mr. Leo Dy
sa Dyteban Hardware sa Butuan, Caraga PNP Director Gen. Jaime Milla
ug ADN Provincial Board Member Atty. James Reserva.
Si Atty. Reserva, Gen. Milla, Mr. Dy ug Mayor Roy Doyon
(wala sa picture) maoy curtain raiser players sa gihimong
Gov. Erlpe John Amante National Tennis Tournament didto sa lungsod
sa Buenavista niadtong Hulyo 23. Midaug sa maong sangka ang
paresan nila Gen. Milla ug Atty. Reserva.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Innocent civilians seeking refuge to a safer place.

Evacuees seek help
military denies arm conflict

By: Babes D. Tuso, Executive Editor

Lianga, Surigao del Sur. Lumad groups in barangay San Isidro who are now evacuating at the town’s municipal gym here have sought assistance from the Diocese Presbyterium headed by Bishop Nereo Odchimar to bring their sentiments to President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo.
Norma Ampis, Tribal Filipino Program of Surigao del Sur (TRIFPSS) Director said in a press statement that the evacuees are hungry with very little ration of food. They are even sleeping on the cement floor with very thin mats to support their backs.
At least 49 families from Upper Oregon in barangay San Isidro, this town, have been in evacuation center since June 18 summing up now to a total of 204 lumad families with 1, 753 individuals, 374 of which are children up to six years old, from the exodus of communities from barangays Diatagon in Lianga, Barangay Buhisan in San Agustin and Barangay Caras-an in Tago who have earlier seek evacuation due to continuing arm conflict.
The Local Government Unit, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippine National Red Cross, religious sectors and other socio-civic organizations have already provided assistance to evacuees in terms of food and medicines. But due to inadequate support, evacuees have already decided “to ration their rice supply to only one meal with solid rice per day while having only rice porridge for the other two meals to stretch their supply of rice.”
The evacuees have asked for more food ration while they will be staying in the evacuation center but more importantly, “they wanted peace for them to go back to their own communities so that they can live peacefully and just.”
Ampis and a leader of lumad’s school Alternative Learning System for Agricultural and Livelihood Development (ALCADEV) said, lumads were forced to leave their communities and farms to “escape from the heavy build-up of battle-ready military elements from the 58th and 36th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army since July 18.”
Lt. Col. Benjamin Pedralvez, Jr., 58Infantry Battalion Commanding Officer however clarified that his men are only in the area not for combat operation but for peace and development project of the government under the Kalayaan program.
“We do research and development projects. We determine what the residents need and act on them. In some areas in Surigao del Sur, we have built schools, roads, water systems and even bridges,” he said.
He also emphasized that there was no arm struggle happening in the area that forced lumads to evacuate.
He alleged that the mass evacuation is instigated by ALCADEV.
“ALCADEV coerced the residents of the area to leave their houses because the military will bomb the school and indigenous people’s (IP’s) communities due to the presence of communist terrorists in the area. This is clearly misguiding and misinforming the public so as to taint the image of the military and at the same time spawn chaos,” he added. (With report from Lovely Laudette D. Gamba, PIA-Caraga)

Another broadcaster shot dead
By: Herne N. Bagaslao
Another broadcaster was shot dead Monday dawn at the vicinity of Purok 1, Brgy. Poblacion, Barobo, Surigao del Sur.
Barobo police identified the victim as Godofredo Bandola Linao Jr., 49, an anchorman of 94.5 FM and the host of “Pamukaw” program of Radyo Natin FM in Bislig City.
Unidentified assailants felled him down with three Caliber .45 pistol bullets hitting him at the various parts of his body and exiting at his back killing him on the spot.
Responding policemen from Barobo Municipal Police Station recovered one slug and four shells of Caliber .45 bullets at the crime scene.
Linao, according to police account was at the vicinity of Bugac Lodge and Restaurant at the time when he was shot. It was also during the festivities of the said place.
He was accordingly seen by some witnesses talking to a certain Jocelyn de Monteverde, owner of the establishment and two of her employees before the shooting incident. Monteverde however, told police investigators that Linao was just an acquaintance and not a regular visitor of her lodge.
Some witnesses also claiming that the armed persons were sighted at a Videoke Bar, waiting apparently for the victim.
An acquaintance also reportedly saying that Linao received a phone call from an alleged friend, telling him to go to Bugac.
An hour later, the victim arrived in Bugac on board his single motorcycle. He was accordingly met and shot by the assailants. His remains was brought to Dollete Funeral Homes, in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur 3:45 A.M. Monday.
The Police Regional Office 13 Task Force Usig took cognizance of the case and is now closely working with the Barobo Municipal Police and the Surigao del Sur Provincial Police Office for the early resolution of the case.
Investigators are now following some leads such as love triangle, personal grudge and other possible motives which could be behind the killing. Police said however, that it is too early to categorically determine the motive of the killing at this point.
Task Force Usig assured the public that everything will be done to bring culprits behind bars and give justice to the broadcaster’s family.
Linao was also reported to be engaged in politics few years back when he ran and lost for a seat at the Sangunniang Bayan sometimes in 2007.
Before serving Radyo Natin he had worked at another radio station in Mangagoy, Bislig City. He was then known for his hard-hitting commentaries especially at local politics.
Linao was the second radio personality shot in the region in a matter of month. On June 25 at 7:30 in the evening, Jonathan Fetalvero, 43, a known local radio personality was also shot on his head. He was taking a sip of liquor at a local restaurant with two other companions when the incident happened. He was rushed to Bayugan New Doctors Hospital but was declared on arrival by the attending physicians.
Police are still facing blank walls on the identities of the assailants.

121 passengers survived from sinking RORO
By Obet Samonte
Butuan City-At least 121 passengers including 26 crew of the M/V Ocean King II were saved Tuesday (July 28, 2009).
The vessel almost sank near the Pacific Ocean along San Ricardo shores in Southern Leyte due to rough sea weather condition and strong winds coming from the south west.
According to Petty Officer First Class Michael Romero, the M/v Ocean King II left Lipata port in Surigao del Norte around 12 noon that day heading to Liluan Leyte.
Romero said, the vessel’s Captain Zaldy Agot’s reported that around 3:00 pm as they were approaching the vicinity of sea waters along Balong-Balong point in San Ricardo, the captain noticed sea waters are coming inside the vessels right starboard steering room and the vessel started leaning to the right starboard side.
“To prevent the vessel into a critical situation, the captain decided to dock the vessel on the nearest port in Binit wharf in San Ricardo Leyte. But while on a docking maneuver, the engine got in trouble, so the captain immediately ordered an emergency beaching and started disembarkation of passengers using their 8 life rafts,” he said.
The passengers were then brought to the PPA mini terminal for their temporary shelter.
Romero said, the passengers and crew were all safe. Initially, the local government of Binit is assisting the surviving passengers by providing food while temporarily staying at the terminal, he added.
Coast guard clearing Outpost in Binit are also assisting the passengers and monitoring the M/v Ocean King for any possible oil spillage. It was learned that the vessel is also carrying 13 assorted rolling vehicles.
Romero said they are now verifying the capacity of the vessel to clarify the alleged over loading. The vessel now is located 20 meters away from Binit Pier leaning 80 degrees starboard side.
PO3 Genaro Magsanoc, Assistant Detachment Commander in Liluan Leyte also confirmed the incident due to strong winds and rough sea but assured that the passengers and crew were all safe.
Magsanoc added that the vessel might not be overloaded because the passenger capacity of the said vessel is 331 and the 13 rolling vehicles is only 112.01 tons but still they have to probe further about the incident and assess the vessel’s actual condition.

Swine Flu infection up in Caraga
Butuan, Bayugan on Top
Butuan City- The Center for Health and Development (CHD) Caraga of the Department of Health is strengthening its monitoring and surveillance to contain and limit the spread of the deadly influenza A (H1N1) virus particularly in this city and in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur, the top two highest cases in the region.
As of press time, there are already 20 positive cases in the region since May 23, 2009. At least five more cases are under observation with pending laboratory results that may add to the number of cases.
Confirmed laboratory results showed Butuan City has now a total of eight cases, Bayugan in Agusan del Sur followed closely with seven cases, another three cases in the province of Agusan del Norte while Surigao City and Surigao del Sur each registered one case. The provinces of Surigao del Norte, Dinagat Islands, and Bislig City on the other hand, remain swine flu free.
CHD Regional Director Leonita Gorgolon in a consultation among school officials said that counting by morbidity since the onset of the dreaded illness starting from the first two recorded laboratory confirmed A (H1N1) cases on June 21-27, there was a lull of just two weeks from June 21-July 4 when another case was added during the period of July 5-11. The following week, cases suddenly shot up to seven until it climbs up to 10 cases during the period of July 19-25.
“This sudden rise of “swine flu” cases in a matter of days is already a cause for alarm, though compared with other regions, ours can still be considered “less alarming,” she said.
The lady director however clarified that they are doing everything to contain and limit the spread of the virus.
Just recently, school administrators decided to suspend classes at all levels in Agusan National Highschool (ANHS) starting Tuesday (July 28) until August 6 following two confirmed case involving third year high schools.
Dr. Gerna Manatad, Regional Epidemiologist explained that the cancellation of classes was implemented for students to observe self-quarantine.
Health authorities are now currently investigating and doing contact tracing. Close contacts of the positive students including classmates and faculties were already instructed to do self-monitoring of symptoms at home and to report immediately if they become ill.
ANHS has more or less 9,000 students. School officials and health authorities feared the virus may spread fast as the school is thickly populated.
At least 19 students have earlier manifested flu like symptoms and were immediately subjected for swab test to determine possible infection of the deadly influenza, says School Principal Peter Esterioso.
Meanwhile, the Gorgolon appealed to students and school staff of ANHS to temporarily avoid going to malls and other crowded areas during the period of class suspension.
Last week, classes of private Rainbow school were also suspended after a second case involving a teacher of the earlier reported 9 year old positive three weeks ago. Classes were also suspended in Noli High School and Agusan del Sur Pilot Laboratory School in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur following a confirmed case from a student whose name is withheld for anonymity reason.
This week, the City Health Office is also monitoring the flu-like symptomatic students of Agusan Institution of Technology.
Since May 23, 2009, the CHD has monitored a total of 50 Cases Under Observation (CUO’s). Laboratory result shows 20 were positive, 24 were negative, five with pending laboratory result, and one case positively linked to a confirmed A (H1N1) case.The CHD reiterated that the best precautionary measures to prevent from infection are frequent hand washing, proper cough manners, avoid close contact with sick people, stay at home if sick, avoid crowded places if possible and boosting one’s immune system.

Refresher Course forms part of PNP’s “face-lift” efforts
The Philippine National Police employs both surgical and “face-lifting” techniques in its national transformation program.
This was pointed out by Caraga PNP Chief CSupt. Jaime E. Milla in a press forum right after the culmination rites of the 14th Police Relations Month.
Milla said that as a part of the national transformation program, the process of taking out the “bad eggs” of the police force is still very much in place. These few are the parts of the force which give the negative image of the PNP which may always linger in the minds of the public.
He assured that a larger part or the majority however, are doing a good job and are performing their jobs well. He said that personnel who were proven to be guilty of wrongdoings, abusive and were involved in some shady dealings were either arrested or restricted in their camps, investigated and were afforded their due process. If they were found guilty, they will be facing both criminal and administrative charges.
Even those erring police officers and personnel whose complainants, for one reason or another had either backed out or had failed to show up and pursue their cases, it will still be determined by his leadership if they had been found wanting in their functions. Those who were found to be so, he said, were sanctioned to undergo their so-called “Cadet Training” where they had to be re-trained at the PNP Scout training camp at Santiago, Agusan del Norte for 45-days as their refresher course.
The training, according to him, will refresh them of what policing is all about. Included in the same training, according to Milla, are those officers and personnel of the police stations who were harassed by the enemies and were not able to resist. The trainings will be aimed to strengthen their attitude and their will to fight.(Hermie Bagaslao)

Romarate top health benefactor in Caraga
By: Roberto “Jun” Parada
Cong. Guillermo “Jun” Romarate recently made history as the first high-ranking government official to breach the 30,000 mark as sponsor of Philhealth cards being distributed to indigent families either in a congressional-wide or province-wide scale categories in Caraga Region. The feat earned for him the distinction as the top health benefactor from among the five provinces in the region, it was learned.
Official records from the Philhealth Caraga Regional Office revealed that Cong. Romarate were able to subscribe and distribute 34,000 Philhealth cards to indigent families in the second congressional district of Surigao del Norte which covered the towns of Alegria, Tubod, Mainit, Placer, Bacuag, Gigaquit, Claver, Taganaan, Sison, San Francisco, Malimono and the City of Surigao. He earmarked more than ten million pesos from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for the largest health benefit coverage in the region’s medical history.
Rodrigo Ariar, Philhealth provincial head of Surigao Del Norte, explained that a Philhealth card given to a single family would usually benefit five members of the household. “So, if we multiply 34,000 by 5, we simply have 170,000 people as direct beneficiaries of the health care program of Cong. Jun Romarate”, Ariar concluded.
In an exclusive interview, Romarate explained that his massive distribution of Philhealth cards to thousands of poor beneficiaries reflected his rare concern for the health aspect of his constituents believing that progress would only start rolling with a healthy people behind it. For him, the true wealth of a nation is its healthy people – apparently putting emphasis, in a large-scale context, to the popular saying “health is wealth”. He stressed that his distribution of the health cards was non-political or had no emphasis on the political affiliations of the recipients.

Mga suspek sa pagpangilkil nasikop
Ni Mon Tenaja
Nasikop sa hiniusa nga pwersa sa kapolisan sa dakbayan sa Butuan ang upat ka mga suspek sa pagpangilkil ngadto sa mga motorista nga nagbiyahi-an sa dakbayan partikular na ngadto sa mga sakyanan nga nagkarga ug mga kahoy nga moagi sa national highway matag karon ug unya.
Ang mga suspek naila nga sila si Nestor Betonio,40, Francisco Furton,52, mga residente sa Brgy. Agusan Pequenio , Danny Lantafe,36, residente sa Brgy. Limaha ug Bonifacio Dumo,53, Brgy. Baan polos sakop sa dakbayan sa Butuan ug gikataho nga sakop sa Mindanao Alliance Forces Incorporated ( MAPI) nga matud pa pondok nga nanakop sa mga iligal nga negosyo ilabi na sa mga kahoy nga molusot sa kadalanan.
Sumala sa report ang tropa sa Central Police Precinct ubos ni Supt. Joseph Boquerin u gang Eastern Police Precinct ubos ni PSI Ronaldo Plaza ilalom sa superbisyon ni City Director Joseph Plaza miresponde sa mga reklamo gikan sa mga negosyante nga nakaabot sa ilang buhatan nangayo ug ayuda aron masumpo na ang gihimo nga pagpangilkil ngadto kanila gikan sa mga nag checkpoint sa kadalanan..
Niadtong petsa 29 sa Hulyo karon nga tuig mga alas 2 :00 sa sayong kaadlawon ang hiniusa nga pwersa sa kapolisan naghimo ug entrapment operation didto sa Brgy. Baan National Hi-way sakop nning syudad. Ang nahisgutan nga operasyon miresulta sa pagkasikop sa mga suspetsado.Kaso nga robbery with extortion ang gihikay sa polisya batok ngadto sa mga suspetsado.
JULY 22 - 28, 2009 VOLUME 1 NO; 11, 2009

Mga presidentiables mobisita

Managing Editor

Gilauman nga mahimong bisita sa Butuan City ang mga tag-as nga opisyal sa nasud aron motambong sa ika -59 nga kasaulugan sa Adlaw Hong Butuan karong Agusto 2,2009. Gipahayag ni Kanhi Mayora Daisy Plaza nga mao usab ang presente nga Chairperson sa Caraga Tourism Council nga nagpaabot sa ilang tinguha nga motambong sila si DILG Secretary Ronaldo Villanueva Puno, Senador Manny Villar , BIR secretary Gary Tevez ug Defense Secreary Gilbert “ Gibo” Teodoro. “ Welcome kayo nato sila nga motambonng sa atong kasaulugan . dako usab kini nga dungog sa atong dakbayan nga makabisita sila dinhi , gi welcome sila sa mga opisyal sa syudad sa pagpangulo ni Mayor Boy Daku Plaza” pahayag sa Unang Ginang sa dakbayan nganhi sa Caraga Freelancer pinaagi sa mobilephone interview .

Ang Butuan City giila nga pinaka karaan dapit sa Pilipinas . Subay sa kasaysayan nga gihuptan sa mga historians sa dakbayan nagkanayon nga ‘ there was no philippines, yet ,there was Butuan ‘. Sa samang higayon giangkon usab sa mga historians sa Butuan nga diri gipahigayon ni Ferdinand Magellan ang unang misa sa Kristiyanismo ,diri sa Brgy. Masao ug dili didto sa isla sa Limasawa . Hinoon kini nga pag –angkon sa kagamhanan sa Butuan padayon pa usab nga gilantugi-an didto sa National Historical Commission aron usbon ang nahauna nga kasaysayan.
Nagkadaiya nga kalihukan ang gipahigayon sa dakbayan sulod sa kapin sa semana nga pagselebrar . Apil na niini ang prosesyon sa patron sa Agusan River nga si Santa Ana,lumba sa mga baroto sa suba, lain laing mga sports competitions, symposium, konserto sa musika, Mega Job Fair, Search for Little Miss Butuan, pagkatkat sa Mt. Mayapay,misa pasalamat,pagduaw sa lubong ni kanhi Kongresista Marcos Calo nga maoy giila nga amahan sa Butuan, cheerdance competitions ug taposon kini sa employees light nga tak-opan sa mga fireworks display pagka gabii . Alayon niining maong kasaulogan gideklara ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo ang Agusto 2 matag tuig nga usa ka Special Non-working holiday alang sa dakbayan sa Butuan.


Mga Lumad Nagkahiusa
Rosario, Agusan del Sur- Napili nga presidente ang negosyante ug enhenyero nga si Vevencio “ Bobot” Ocite,Jr., sa bag-ong nahimugso nga kahugpungan sa mga lumad nga Manobo sa eleksyon nga ilang gipahigayon dili pa lang dugay.
Ang maong pondok gitawag nila nga Rosario Tribal Association Incorporated. Matud pa ni Engr. Ocite nga katuyu-an nila sa pag mugna niini mao ang panaghiusa sa mga lumad sa ilang lungsod ug ang pagmugna sa mga programa nga makahatag sa maayong kaugmaon sa ilang kaliwat apil na usab sa dili mga lumad apan anaa nagpuyo sa nahisgutang lungsod.
Sa pagkakaron hinat hinay na nilang natagamtam ang prohektong panginabuhi-an (Livelihood), Reforestation ug edukasyon alang sa mga edaran nga gustong makakat-on sa pagbasa ug pagsulat (Letteracy program).
Gipasabot ni Engr. Ocite ngadto sa mga ginsakopan nga ang mahayag nga kaugmaon dali ra makuptan kon ang tawo husto sa edukasyon. Hinoon dako usab kayo ang pasalamat sa mga katawhang lumad sa lungsod sa Rosario ngadto sa ilang pangulo tungod tungod usab sa kay adunay tawo nga ilang madoolan ug madangpan panahon sa ilang panginahanglan.
Sabay niini gihinabi sa mga tigbalita si Engr.Bobot Ocite,kon iyaha ba nga dawaton ang hagit sa mga lumad nga mosulod siya sa politika aron hingpit sila ga matabangan niini kon siya na ang maghupot sa renda sa pang goberno sa ilang dapit apan matud pa niya nga wala pa sa iyang plano sa pagkakaron ang pagsulod sa politika dako na nga kalipay niya nga makatabang sa iyang mga kaliwat ug ingon man sa ilang pagsalig kaniya nga maoy mangulo sa ilang kahugpungan.( Dods Bolambot ,Bureau Manager – Sanfranz,Agsur)




A call for Clean and Safe Water

Water is one of nature’s most important gifts to mankind. It is very essential to life. Survival of human being depends on drinking water. Without it, everything suffers. A simple cooking needs water. Sanitation and personal hygiene, and other basic things we do needs water. We cannot even imagine how long can we stay without water. Our cells itself is composed mainly of 65-90% of water.
Water is one of the most essential elements to good health. Only 1% of the 70% water body of the Earth is available as a source of drinking. It is therefore important to save and protect the water source we have.
Many watershed areas have already been contaminated which ended to the sacrifice of the surrounding community.
Water is known as a natural solvent. Before it reaches the concessionaire’s tap, it comes into contact with many different substances, including organic and inorganic matter, chemicals, and other contaminants. This is the reason why water systems treat water with chlorine to destroy disease-producing contaminants that may be present in the water.
But is drinking too much chlorinated water safe? While chlorination kills harmful microorganisms in the water, epidemiological studies have also found that risk for bladder cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer increases with the length of life time one drinks chlorinated waters.
Chlorinating water therefore is not an ultimate solution to give us safe water that the Butuan City Water District is providing. It takes all sides to consider—the Local Government Unit to ensure protection of the watershed areas, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to guard against reported illegal mining activities in the upper portion of the watershed area, and the water district itself to ensure that the water that reaches in every household is clean and safe.
It is not good blaming on who’s who to what in order to stop the controversy that the water district is facing. There are stories coming in from all sides. What the concessionaries is looking at is the clear answer for clean and safe water.
The government of course has to investigate on alleged mining activities not far from the watershed areas. After all, the thousands of water concessionaires are at risk to health hazard should mining continue around the watershed area.It is not a question whether mining activity is legal or illegal. The government should stop the ongoing activities if there are because studies have found that mining operations contribute significantly to the pollution of water bodies in the mining communities. Related study results show that mining activity has contaminated water sources and these contaminants may spread in the surface water and groundwater.

The Last Frontier
By A.D.T.
Six Offenses Citizens Should be Vigilant
Against Government Employees
On September 8, 2009, the Anti-Red Tape Act or ARTA under R.A. 9485, would already be one year in existence or implementation. The primary purpose of the law is to prevent graft and corruption which usually arise from unnecessary delays in government transactions. Such delay is commonly known as Red Tape.
So, citizens, like you and me, should remember simple things every time they transact business with the frontline operations or basic services of the government. If any of these six offenses are committed by the government frontline service providers, after due process, they shall be suspended 30 days from work without payment of salaries and mandatory attendance in Values Orientation Program:

1. Refusal to accept application and/or request within the prescribed period or any documents being submitted by a client;
2. Failure to act on an application and/or request or failure to refer back to the client a request which cannot be acted upon due to lack of requirement/s within the prescribed period;
3. Failure to attend to clients who are within the premises of the office or agency concerned prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break;
4. Failure to render frontline services within the prescribed period on an application and/or request without due cause;
5. Failure to give the client a written notice on the disapproval of an application or request; and
6. Imposition of additional irrelevant requirements other than those listed in the first notice [of disapproval] under Rule VI.

The Implementing Rules of this ARTA also provide that for second offense, the guilty government frontliner shall be punished with three months suspension without pay; and for third offense, dismissal and perpetual disqualification from public service.
The citizen should also be relieved to know that a fixer operating in the government agency shall be fined at no less than 20 thousand pesos but not more than 200 thousand pesos, or imprisoned not exceeding six years, or both fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.
Citizens should report any such offense to the concerned head of agency, or to the Civil Service Commission at 09185134278, or to the Ombudsman, Alvarez Street, Davao City.
Let us help the government eradicate graft and corruption. Be vigilant and report the violations.


Ang Liham na ito ay ipinadala sa atin ng ating mga kaibigang OFW, at nais ibahagi ang mga nakakatuwang liham na may pahintulot ng nag padala. Kung sino man ang may akda ay ibinibigay sa kanya ang kredito at pasalamat ng ating mga kababayang OFW. Mabuhay kayo. . .

Registered nurse si Bebeng sa L.A. Kasama niya ang kanyang ina nanagpagamot doon. Namatay ang ina nito. Dahil sa kamahalan ng pamasahepabalik sa Pilipinas, nagtipid si Bebeng. Pinauwi na lang niya ang kabaongng kanyang ina na mag-isa.Pagdating ng kabaong, napansin ng mga kapamilya niya na nakadikit ang mukhang ina sa salamin ng ataul.
Nagkomento tuloy ang isang anak, "Ay, naku!Tingnan mo 'yan... hindi sila marunong mag-ayos ng bangkay sa Amerika!
Nakudrado tuloy ang mukha ng inay.
"Upang ayusin ang itsura ng bangkay, binuksan ang kabaong. Aba ! May sulatna-nakastaple sa dibdib ng ina. Kinuha nila ito at binasa.
Ang nilalaman ngliham na mula kay Bebeng:Mahal kong tatay at mga kapatid:Pasensya na kayo at hindi ko nasamahan ang nanay sa pag-uwi riyan saPilipinas dahil napakamahal ng pamasahe.
"Ang gastos ko pa lang sa kanya aymahigit $10,000 na. Ayoko nang isipin pa ang eksaktong halaga. Anyway,ipinadala ko kasama ni nanay ang mga sumusunod...Nasa likod ni nanay ang dalawampu't apat na karnenorte at isang dosenangspam. Ang adidas na suot ni nanay ay para kay tatay. Ang limang pares ngde-goma ay nasa loob ng dalawang asul na Jansport na backpack na inuunan ninanay. Tig-iisa kayo.Ang iba't-ibang klase ng tsokolate at candy ay nasa puwetan ni nanay. Parasa mga bata ito. Bahala na kayong magparte-parte. Sana'y hindi natunaw.
Ang pokemon stuffed toy na yapos-yapos ni nanay ay para sa bunso ni ate. Giftko sa first birthday ng bata. Ang itim na Esprit bag ay para kay Nene.Ate, nasa loob ng bag ang pictures ni inay, japanese version ng pokemontrading cards at stickers.
"Suot ni nanay ang tatlong Ralph Lauren, apat na Gap at dalawang Old Navy t-shirts. Ang isa ay para kay Kuya at tig-iisa angmga pamangkin ko. Maisusuot ninyo ang mga iyan sa fiesta.Suot din ni inay ang anim na panty hose at tatlong warmer para sa mgadalaga kong pamangkin. Isuot nyo sa party.
May isang dosenang NBA caps samay paanan ni nanay. Para sa inyo, itay, kuya, dikong, Tiyo Romy. Bigyannyo na rin ng tig-isa 'yung mga pamangkin ko at 'yong isa ay kay ParengTulume.
Ang tigdadalawang pares ng Nike wristband at knee caps na suot-suot din ninanay ay para sa mga anak mo, diko, na nagbabasketball. Tigdadalawang reamng Marlboro lights at Winston red ang nasa pagitan ng mga hita ni nanay.Apat na jar ng Skippy Peanut Butter, dalawang dishwashing liquid, isangKiwi glass cleaner at tig-aanim na Colgate at Aqua Fresh ang nakasiksik sakilikili ni nanay. Hati-hati na kayo, huwag mag-aagawan.Isang dosenang Wonder bra ( Victoria 's Secret ata ang tatak)gustong-gusto niTiya Iskang society natin, suot-suot din ni nanay. Alam kong inaasam-asamnyo 'yan, tiya.
Anim na lipstick lang ang kasya sa bra. Ang Rolex nabilin-bilin mo tatay, suot-suot ni nanay. Nakatakip sa Nike na wristband.Kunin mo agad, Itay.May isinisik akong zip-loc sa bunganga ni Inay na naglalaman ng $759dollars. Hindi na ako nakatakbo sa ATM. Puede na siguro sa libing iyon.
Iyong tong na makokolekta, i-time deposit niyo Kuya para pag namatay siTatay may pambili na ng ataul.Ang hikaw, singsing at kuwintas (na maynakakabit pang anim na nail cutters) nagustong-gusto mo, ditse, ay suotsuot din ni nanay. Kunin mo na rin agad, ditse. Ibigay mo ang isangnailcutter kay Jay yung baklang may parlor sa kanto.Tanggalin niyo ang bulak sa ilong ng inay, may isiniksik ako 3 diyamante sabawat butas.
Ibangon niyo lang si inay at tiyak na malalaglag na ang mgaiyon. Konting alog lang siguro ng ulo.Marami pa sana akong ipaglalalagay kaya lang, baka mag-excess at si nanaypa ang maiwan. Basta parte-parte kayo, tatay, kuya, ate, dikong, ditse.Para sa inyo lahat ito. Bahala na kayo kay nanay. Pamimisahan ko na langsiya rito.Balitaan ninyo na lang ako pagkatapos ng libing. Alam ni ate ang email ko.
Paki-double check ang lista kung walang nawala sa mga ipinadala ko.



Tinoud lang kining tagsulat mitambong sa Mayor‘s Forum sa opisina sa Mayor ning syudad sa Butuan.Mao pa kini ang una kong pagtambong sa Mayor‘s Forum…. Wala ako magdahom nga ingon niadtong mahitabo. Usa ka tawo nga motubag sa mga pangutana sa media nga kanunay masuko og manginsulto sa nangutana mahitungod sa problema sa tubig…Sa sinugdanan ,ako nagatuo nga ang maong tawo mao‘y Presiding Officer, apan akong nakita si Mayor Boy Dako nga nga naglingkod ug naminaw sa mga lantugi atubangan sa iyang lamesa…Wala madugay akong nailhan ang maong tawo nga siya diay si Roger Patanao…3 ka mga issues ang gilantugian: Illegal mining, Illegal nga pagbuhat /pag -ayo sa kalsada sulod sa watershed ug illegal nga pag-pamutol sa mga kahoy hinungdan sa kanihit sa tubig sa atong syudad…Kini si Roger Patanao kunuhay, siya ang nagpresentar sa mga lumad/tribo nga anaa nagpuyo sa Brgy.Anticala paingon ngadto sa Brgy.San Antonio RTR…Ako‘y gibati og kaulaw sa mga insulto kasaba nga gihimo ni Roger Patanao ngadto kang Engr.Anselmo Sang Tian ug sa pipila ka sakop sa Board of Directors sa Butuan City Water District,Sa pipila ka taga media ug sa uban nga mosagbat sa mga pangutana kalambigitan sa problema sa tubig.

Unsa ug kinsa man diay kini nga tawo ? Atubangan sa Mayor mangasaba, manginsulto. Gisugo ba siya sa Mayor sa pagbuhat sa ingon?Kung wala siya sugoa sa Mayor : Nganong wala man siya badlonga ? Pangutana sa uban nga nakatambong !...Kung adunay mosulti sa Mayor nga maayo ang ginabuhat ni Roger Patanao atol sa maong tigom. Makahatag hinuon sa dugang kadaot sa mga Plaza.Ang tinuod lang“Nasayod na ang katawhan nga illegal ang pagbuhat/pag-ayo sa kalsada sa watershed.Dapat ipahunong kini ug ipadakop sa Mayor ang nagbuhat sa mga illegal,kay ang Mayor adunay direkta nga gahom gikan sa katawhan.Kana kung walay tinagu-ang tuyo sa pagbuhat ug pag-ayo sa kalsada ang Mayor… Moaksiyon gyod ang Mayor niini dili ba Dongkoy? “Moaksiyon gyod kung mutuo mi sa mulo sa mga katawhan,” PERO kung si Roger Patanao tuhoan sa akong Agaw ? Ipahunong Kaha ?

Wa! Wa! Wa!..

Larolympics Teaches Kids the Value of Pinoy Games
By Jocelyn E. Morano
Butuan – Kids from urban barangays compete in the first ever Larolympics held at city hall grounds, sponsored by the City Sports Office headed by Councilor Randolph Plaza in partnership with the Anak TV Foundation- Quezon City.
Childhood games like patintero, tumbang preso and pikô were played purposely to create awareness of today’s generation the fun and really enjoy life as children.
In his speech, Councilor Randolph Plaza encouraged children to indulge games played before by parents but is lost in today’s generation because most kids are hooked in playing computer games.
Anak TV Foundation Trustee Ms. Elvira Go said, “Ipagsigawan natin ang Larolympic ay para sa mga Filipino. Shout it to the world that we Filipino can do a game without spending so much.”
Players from barangay Tandang Sora bagged the championship prize for Piko in tsikiting and bagets division.
Barangays Maon and Holy Redeemer won in the patintero tsikiting and bagets division, respectively.
Barangay JP Rizal on the other hand, bags the tumbang preso championship both in tsikiting and bagets division.
Anak TV Foundation also awarded medals to 4 Most Valuable Players for Butuan City namely Mark Dau, Rhea Dau from Barangay Maon and Clyde Salise and Kareen Dalamo of Barangay Holy Redeemer.
After Butuan, the Anak TV Foundation will proceed to Davao for the Larolympics. Winners from the said competition here will play in the Larolympics Mindanao.


Plaza vs. Plaza for governor in AgSur?
By Ernie Ruiz
Former Governor and Plaza Matriarch Madame Valentina “ Loleng” Plaza had announced few months ago that she will vouch for former Agusan del Sur Gov. Adolph Edward “ Eddiebong” Plaza for the gubernatorial race in May 2010. The incumbent Governor Ma. Valentina “Tina” Plaza will go for the congressional post in the first district while another daughter, Evelyn “ Bebs’’ Plaza Millana may run in the newly created second district of the province.
With this development, not a few were keen to see a hotly contested political race with his younger brother former governor Eddiebong Plaza, should Congressman Rodolfo Rodrigo “ Ompong” Plaza pursue with his plan for the same post come May 2010 elections.
Should this development push through, then he will be running against his younger brother former Governor “Eddiebong” who is open in saying to the public that he is eyeing a comeback on the same post.
Sources said that everything is in place as far as the two camps are concerned and that political reconciliation for the brothersat present might be an uphill trend considering that the elder “Ompong” Plaza, accordingly has already committed to the barangay captains in the province that he is running for governor.
However , another source from the Provincial Capitol said that only some disgruntled supporters of the Plaza family were making such noise to sow intrigues in the family so that Cong. Ompong may run counter to his family’s wish. “ Di man tingali pud ingon ana si Cong. Ompong nga supakon niya ang desisyon sa pamilya. Gi anunsyo naman ni Mam Loleng kon si kinsa ang mokandidato sa lalawigan ug mao na kadto ang desisyon sa pamilya.” an informant who declined to be identified said.
There are 318 barangay captains in the province and allegedly Cong. Ompong has mustered the majority of these barangay officials.
An informant close to the camp of the congressman said that reconciliation at this point in time seems to be remote between the two. It can be recalled that few months ago, Agusan del Sur Governor Valentina “Tina” Plaza broke into tears during a press forum, while admitting that somewhat like a “political crack up” is occurring within their family.
As the younger sister of the two, it seems that the burden is on her shoulder to mend what seems to be a “political rift” within the family.
Politically however, Congressman “Ompong” Plaza was consistently known to be an opposition stalwart while his younger brother Eddiebong Plaza was also known to be with the pro-administration camp during his term.

2 CIDG personnel surfaced

Two Criminal Investigation and Detection Group personnel from Surigao del Norte Field Office surfaced on Monday, to tell their side of the story. Police Officer 3 Nomer Sabacan and Police Officer 2 Jessie Rama were presented by Police Senior Inspector Napoleon Duquez, chief of the Intelligence and Investigation section, presented the two to the local media in a press conference
Duquez told the media that their personnel were not arrested and showed up at CIDG 13 regional office to explain their side about the controversythat dragged therir names . “Their case is still on the City prosecutor’s level and no arrest warrant has been issued against them yet, so the terms ‘arrested’ or ‘voluntarily surrendered’ cannot be used in their case,” Duquez said..However, according to him both were already disarmed and were restricted within the headquarters premises. They were also required to report to their regional director daily during the duration of their cases.
Duquez assured the public, particularly the people of Surigao that there will be no cover up regarding the said incident and that they have to face the consequences if they have done anything against the law. In fact, he said, their office furnished the provincial police the pictures of their two personnel when they received their request.
According to PO3 Sabacan’s narrative that early on Sunday, a 28-year old lady alias “Annie” came at their office and alleged she was raped by an Indian national who introduced himself to her only as “Rodge.” She said together with her friend Letty (also an alias), were invited by two Indian nationals to go with them for some socializations as they were somewhere along Borromeo St., of the city. Then Letty’s boyfriend accordingly came and fetched her up, leaving Annie alone with the two Indians.
In her complaint, Annie alleged that an Indian national identified as “Rodge” succeeded in sexually molesting her inside the vehicle. When she was able to free herself, she reported to the CIDG Office.
Annie according to Sabacan showed up at their office to file her complaint. . Sabacan said that Annie’s complaint became the basis of their operation. Allegedly, somebody called up Annie informing her that the person they were looking for is in the vicinity of Maharlika. They hastened to the said place, and saw the suspect on board an XRM Motorcycle. They tailed his motorcycle until they reached Sitio Kinabutan, Brgy. Rizal. Accordingly they blocked his way and “invited” him to the CIDG office for questioning. Sabacan said that they properly introduced themselves as CIDG personnel (and not BID personnel as alleged).
Meanwhile ,Rama denied the report they asked the ID card or money from the Indian national. In fact, he said, his cellular phone was always with him and he had done some personal calls. He added that when they reached the newly constructed road at Brgy. Sabang, another Indian national on board a motorcycle blocked their way. He accordingly introduced himself as a policeman and had invited their fellow national to answer some questions at their office, but accordingly, the Indian was able to jump out of the vehicle and had created some commotion.
He said that they were bothered and confused with the developments which followed, particularly when they learned that their asset Celeste was detained for some grave charges and that the police were out looking for them to arrest them.
They were even surprised to find out, according to them, that the one who filed the complaint before the SCPS, who claimed to be the victim and identified himself as Kuldeep Singh Sekhon who is 31-35 years old is much older than the one who introduced himself as “Rodge” to the victim who was 21-22 years old, the one whom they had invited at Sitio Kinabutan.
Investigation of the case is going on. (Herne N. Bagaslao/Correpondent)